High School Students of Royal Wells School get the two-year A Level programme, offered by the Cambridge Examination, is academically rigorous, and recognized to be amongst the best in the world for this age range of students. Many of the subjects have specific international elements and content, developed by specialists to make the subject matter relevant to students worldwide.

Every High School students at Royal Wells School takes English Language, Mathematics, Character Development, Life Skills, Business Studies, and Travel and Tourism as main subjects.

The main  subjects is an important one, both in order to build on student’s strengths and interests and with a view to a future career. The school provides students (and parents) with plenty of information in advance about options to ensure choices are well informed.

Whilst the programmes of study are structured around the IGCSE – A Level curriculum, teaching and learning continues to emphasize the development of students’ general academic and intellectual skills. Learning remains inquiry based and focused on problem solving. Students are expected to become increasingly independent in their learning as they broaden and deepen their knowledge in each subject.